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About Margareta Ivarsson in English

Swedish consultant and facilitator with broad experience in project and process management, running my own business since 2002.

I am supporting managers and teams, helping organizations develop desirable work life by managing the human side of change. This includes future studies, leadership, learning & implementation strategies, communication, stress management and environmental change.

Specialties: public speaking, workshops, strategy, workplace learning, ownership and governance of projects, learning networks and evaluation for learning.

A climate neutral company

My company was certified as climate neutral in 2008. A comprehensive action program was implemented, resulting in the amazing result of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 90 %. If I can do this in my company, imagine what can be accomplished  by the large corperations in the world!

Experience and education


I have formerly been employed in several positions as project leader and manager and I have seven years of university studies.

The latter include:

  • Master of Arts in Physical Education Teaching and Biology Education
  • Media and Communications
  • Tourism Studies
  • Knowledge Management
  • Marketing
  • Ongoing evaluation
  • Ecophilosophy
  • Science

My education also include strategic management, project management, social return on investment, accounting and some cognitive psychotherapy.

The more networking and collaboration between people and organizations, the more need for understanding of change- , learning- and communication processes. The organizations and workplaces of tomorrow need people with life-long learning skills. I work with methods that facilitates reorientation. I have a network of consultants and researchers, all with their own specialities, with whom I collaborate on larger assignments.

Communicative Leadership

Report from my lecture/workshop on Communicative Leadership (page 2) at the Forum for Women′s Leadership, organised by Hanken School of Economics  in Vaasa, Finland. Hanken is a leading, internationally accredited university.

Leave your phone outside. Interview in Hanken Magazine nr 2 2017.

Project Management and Leadership

What characterizes an innovatively organized and creative climate from a learning perspective? What implication does this have for management and leadership? Can one manage an open, insecure and unpredictable process?

The aim of this paper is to describe how creative collective learning takes place in innovative transformation processes and how this effects changes in the process: Creative collective learning in transformation processes. The paper was presented at a European Conference on Creativity and Innovation i Lodz, Poland.

I am a lecturer at Hanken  SSE Executive Education in Vasa, Finland, since many years.

External expert

Since 2014 I am an external expert on project assessment, working with assignments on commission of the Swedish Council for Higher Education. As a part of that I participated in the Joint Swedish, Icelandic and Norwegian Expert Briefing Session for experts within the European Union in April 2015.

Futures Studies

Futures studies is the study of possible, probable, and preferable futures and the paradigms that underlie them.

The horse industry

In 2008 I wrote an extensive report in the form of a futures study, including three different scenarios for the Swedish horse industry. The study was commissioned by the Swedish Board of Agriculture as a part of the vision to strengthen the green sector.

In order to have good animal welfare and strengthened entrepreneurship in rural areas, investments are acquired within the different niches including the horse industry.

In May 2008 the horse industry was invited to a presentation of the futures study and round table dialogues in the presence of The Swedish Minister for Agriculture. More >>

The model used for the futures study and the scenario development process, is from The Vision Center for Futures Creation.

Can we be Happy within Ecological Limits?

We know that we live in an unsustainable way. We know it probably will change, due to climate change, peak oil and a disintegrated world economy. Can we still be happy? Are we even particularly happy now? The relation between man and ecology is a complicated one. It is not just over consuming and the use of fossil fuel that have huge impacts on the ecological systems.  More >>

Gross National Happiness

The term Gross National Happiness was coined in 1974 by Bhutan′s former king Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Since then Bhutan has seen profound positive changes in the socio‐economic paradigm.

Learn more about the four pillars and eight general contributors to happiness, defined by the Centre for Bhutan Studies through collaboration with an international group of scholars and empirical researches. More >>


Newsletter Nr 5, 2011 Happiness

Some time ago I got an invitation from CEMUS, Centre for Environment and Development Studies at The Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD) to give a lecture. CSD is an interdisciplinary center established at Uppsala University based on collaboration between Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. More >>

Nature, culture and travel

I love nature, wildlife, trekking and to meet & learn about other cultures. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel the world.

Mount Everest Clean Up expedition

In 2011 I combined my interests by participating in the Saving Mount Everest Support Trekk and I got a Certificate of Appreciation from the Government of Nepal.

A short film from the trekk >>

Photos >>


Maori room of understanding

What can people coming from a western culture perspective learn from the Maori point of view for the future?

The aim of the study was to acquire insights and try to describe the Maori room of understanding. The empirical material is based on a study visit to New Zealand and Cook Islands. More >> (english text page 3)

A lot of pictures from all around the world are published in my photo album.

Global Facts certificate

In 2017 I got a Global Facts Certificate for 100% correct answers on the Gapminder test, ”proving essential global knowledge that most people don’t have”.



Equestrian sport and harness racing

Experience from more than 35 years with horses in show jumping, dressage, eventing, breeding and harness racing.

Margareta is riding in the World Championships
Margareta is riding in the World Championships

I won the World Championships in Team Show Jumping for Student Riders in Rotterdam 1990. I won both the show jumping and combined titles in the International Intercollegiate Equestrian Games in USA 1989. Before the competition I got a letter from the President in The White House.

My breeding Zeb participated in the European Championships for Young Riders 2009. I have also won competitions in harness racing.

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